About Us

"The poor themselves can create a poverty-free world...all we have to do is to support them in freeing themselves from the chains that they have put around themselves."
    -Prof. Mohammed Yunus

Sudhanand Group evolved in the year 2010, with the Vision of serving the poor and provide a massively scalable, easy to use, interactive and adaptable healthcare solutions imbibing a spectrum of health related services including Medical Care, Clinical testing, wellness services, disease prevention and envisaging to cater the futuristic needs & requirements in Healthcare.

Dr. Arjun Sachidanand the founder of Sudhanand Group aspired to contribute the best healthcare solutions to suit the downtrodden and poor thus Sudhanand Group was formed

Dr. Arjun Sachidanand , MBBS, MS and MBA studied the present need where in the poor and downtrodden were deprived with basic needs of health, a further insight gave that the health services in India require a face lift to meet the requirements of the weaker economical strata covering the rural and urban geographical domains.

The poor faced difficulties in accessing health care, even those who had enrolled for the benefits rendered by the Government failed to get the delivered results as they were deprived to get medical assistance to a wide array of diseases which were not covered in the benefit schemes.

Dr. Arjun Sachidanand came up with a wonderful innovative healthcare solution, a web based software to resolve the agony and benefit a large number of urban and rural poor families by providing them low cost hassle free healthcare by collaborating with Non-Governmental Organizations and network of selected hospitals.

Dr. Arjun Sachidanand rolled out this innovative healthcare solution by starting a private limited company called SAS Poorna Arogya Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.(SAS-PAP), was registered in Jan 2010, under the Indian Companies Act 1956, with Dr. Sachidananda Murthy as Director and Dr. Arjun Sachidanand as Managing Director. SAS manages provision of all healthcare services including identifying network hospitals and processing of health benefits to members.

SAS Poorna Arogya Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., built its base in Mysore and spread across other locations, the program got mass recognition and was the launch pad to diversify SAS to other domains to serve the rural and urban economical weaker sections of the society.

Dr. Arjun Sachidanand foresight paved the way to commission a hospital by name 'Kaveri' to meet the requirements of the members of SAS Poorna Arogya Healthcare Pvt. Ltd and to the other poor and deprived masses spread across the rural and urban sphere.

Kaveri Hospital was the first initiative to render to the society by the Sudhanand Group.

Sudhanand Group started to carve its presence as one entity with many offshoots to benefit one and all by providing easily available, affordable health aspects and spread its presence both in Medical and Non-Medical arena.

Sudhanand Group having its foundation intact with SAS Poorna Arogya Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, spread its wings firstly in the Medical Arena by starting Hospitals, Day Care and Diagnostics.

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